Post-Op Care


You will be monitored within the center for complications until most of the effects of the sedatives/medications have worn off.  After an upper endoscopy only, your throat may be mildly sore.  From all of the procedures performed here, you may feel some bloating or mild cramping because of the air introduced into your colon.  This should be alleviated quickly by passing gas.

Your physician will explain the results of your examination; however, biopsy results, if needed, will not be available the same day of the procedure.  You will have to wait for these results. You may resume your regular diet and activities after the procedure, unless your physician instructs you otherwise.  If sedatives were given to you during the procedure, you must be accompanied by an adult that is able to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours.  You are unable to operate any equipment or vehicles and your judgment or reflexes may be impaired until the following day.

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