Anesthesia Information


Dear Patient: The surgery you have had or are about to receive has (4) separately billable components, which consist of:

  • The professional services of the Physician
  • The professional services of the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist
  • The facility fee (for use of the surgery center)
  • Professional Services of Pathology

Anesthesia is commonly a covered component of your surgery. As a courtesy to you, the bill / claim for your anesthesia services will be filed directly to your primary insurance carrier. We have accepted assignment of benefits and your insurance carrier should send the payment directly to our remittance address. If we have a secondary insurance on file, we will file a claim on your behalf for the amount not paid by your primary insurance. If no secondary insurance was provided at the time of service, we will send you a statement for the co-insurance due as determined by your insurance carrier. In the event that our practice is not a participant within your insurance plan, we will work with your carrier to insure that you are not penalized for our non-particpation/out-of-network status. If your insurance carrier sends payment directly to you, please endorse the back of the check and list “Pay to the order of Gastroenterology Associates of North Mississippi” above your signature.

If you have any questions or concerns,
please contact us at 1-800-489-0988.

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